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For photographers who are looking for help navigating the business and creative side of photography. 

Better your craft, your profits, your life!


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Through our one-on-one conversations we will identify your areas for growth and make a plan for achieving your goals. Together, we will create systems to save you time in your business. We can look at ways to improve profits, maximize time and grow artistically. 

I will help you crush those projects that have been nagging you, define & eliminate your energy blocks, and be right by your side to for support & advice.  

coaching Program

level-up with my

 only 3 spots available

8 weeks of coaching

We will slay those goals together. For 8 weeks we will meet for an hour via zoom and talk about what is working, what's been done, and where to go next. I will provide guidance, resources and plan of action.

Upon completion of the program you will get a report of what we did and suggestions for next steps. 

your self-discovery workbook

Take the time to look at your dreams, desires and explore what sets your soul on fire. A workbook that asks the deep questions for your personal journey.

Write it down and watch your life change.

free exploratory call

We will chat for 30 minutes about your goals and struggles and see if we are a good fit.

Expect an honest conversation.

What's Included?

I'm ready!

all of this for $777

extras include:

Discount admission to the Soul Deep Photography Retreat on Kaua’i with me.
Access to me via Voxer during coaching. 

Grow your art. Improve the whole client experience when you are in flow state during your sessions. Capture images that you are truly proud of! 

Improved Photos

Learn systems for saving time and being more profitable. Stop spinning wheels with little results. 

BIgger profits

There really is a way to attract the people you want to work with. I can show you how. 

Better clients

What you'll walk away with...


"Keri, I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my photography business. It is crazy to think of the ways I used to waste so much time before. After our coaching began I started to really love my business again!"

- Beth Ann

"Thank you for always being so genuine and patient with me, and my wild ideas. Your dedication to my success has been a game-changer. I didn't even know how much I was needing this type of support. "

- Lindsey

"It would have taken me years to learn what I learned in our 6 weeks. You were so much fun to work with!"

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explore what is holding you back from the having the business of your dreams

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I need that!

I am all about 100% Honesty and Realness and Results. 

I am a full-time, 6-figure professional photographer, wife and a mom of littles. I know the juggle!

Other people can see things in your business that you don't and that alone can save you heaps of time.  

My photography clients rave about my services. I can help you with that too.

I have been a pro-photographer for over 20 years, shooting well over 1,000 weddings and portrait sessions in that time. 

My calling is to help people. I am eager to see your goals met. Please don't ride that struggle bus anymore. 

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Sometimes you just need a quick check-in, a pep-talk, or advice about an issue that comes up. Whatever is nagging you, let's hop on a zoom call to troubleshoot any area of your business, together.
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