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Photography by keri cooper

August 10, 2017

Our Twins | Kealia Farm | Portrait

When I was young girl growing up in Kansas I used to play office in my Grandma’s home office. I had my own phone and important paperwork. I loved being a businesswoman, even at the age of 4. I remember a photo that was framed in that room. It was a photo of 2 little farmer boys in overalls, and it says, “You been farming long?” When I was little I thought it was a photo of my cousins. It looked like them, and the overalls were definitely part of the wardrobe in Kansas. I learned that it was not in fact my cousins but a very popular poster in the early 80’s. You can read a bit about how the photo was made and history of the image here. 

Last year I received 2 pairs of bib overalls from my dear Aunt Janie. The only request was that I sent her a photo of the twins wearing them. I could not wait until they fit them so I could recreate the “You been farming long?” photo. Here is the final result! My family back in Kansas loved the recreation of this photo and it is really cool to hear how many people recognize it from the original. Do you remember that photo?




Aren’t our boys just too adorable in these overalls? Heart Eyes!!  If it wasn’t so warm here I would have them wear them everyday!

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  1. Verlee

    January 20th, 2018 at

    Oh my goodness! These matching overalls are PRECIOUS!!!

  2. Keri Cooper

    January 30th, 2018 at

    Thanks! I think so too, way adorable!

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