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August 10, 2018

Bri & T | Poipu | Mommy & Daughter Family Portraits

The topic of discussion for today is none other than a Poipu Beach Day themed family portrait with Bri & T, super fun gals from Kauai. If the names or faces look familiar to you, it’s because I’ve photographed this duo before. 

I was stoked when I got a call from Bri saying she wanted to book another session with her little girl. Last year she booked me to take their photos in the forest with a whimsical feel. I was happy to know that they enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed them! (Check out last years photos here.)

Here is what Bri had to say after she looked at last year’s photos.

OMG!!!!! I am so in love with ALL of them!!!! You’re amazing, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

As expected, Mom did a wonderful job preparing them for our session. She brought along a bright pink flamingo floatie which was perfect for their Summer Poipu Beach Day session. They wore adorable coordinating bathing suits and wasted no time getting in the water.

I especially loved their playfulness. Bri is one of those fun moms that encourages silliness and activities. Adore!

Because my last session with the girls went so well, I knew it wouldn’t be any different this time around. And I was right! Check it out for yourself:

family photos at the beach on Kauai

portrait of girl with blue eyes on the beach in Kauai

family photos at the beach on Kauai

family photos at the beach on Kauai

family photos at the beach on Kauai

family photos at the beach on Kauai

If your child doesn’t like sitting still or posing for the camera, have no worries. We can still get some great photos of the littles. When children don’t want to cooperate, we as photographers jump to plan B. It is our job to create situations where your child can relax and candidly bring out their personalities. About 97% of the time, I prefer candid shots instead of the posed ones. 

These “lifestyle sessions” are great for the little ones because it captures them authentically and you are making awesome memories together at the same time. Children live through play and I like to meet them where they are at…so, LET’S PLAY!

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