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November 4, 2019

Why Florals are More Important Than You Think

Wedding florals are emphasized by every wedding planner, photographer, bridesmaid and– of course, bride.

Colorful wedding flowers

And there’s an elegant reason: flowers are a symbol of romance. I’ve summarized the importance of wedding florals for you, so continue reading!

What They Symbolize

There’s a reason florists get paid as much as they do. The next time you look at the price tag of your florals– consider these three things– the sheer amount of time it takes to grow, prune and fertilize a single flower into a blooming state. Flowers don’t just symbolize love, fertility, femininity, and marriage. Florals symbolize the time, energy, and passion it takes to lovingly cultivate the delicate botanicals that is a beautiful blossom. Much like the time, it takes for the love of a bride to blossom for the love of her groom.

Much like the passion, time, and effort that went into choosing your life long mate, choosing your wedding florals should feel like falling in love. The feeling spent choosing your floral scheme should feel as if your dreams are coming true all over again. You should fall in love with your flowers. 

For example, I’ve worked with Kealoha Flowers for a long time and the impact her florals make is priceless. She truly knows the art of arranging flowers and she goes above and beyond every time. Whether you are using tropicals that thrive in our bountiful climate or if you want something more classic or boho she will make your vision come true. If you’re ever unsure of what flowers are appropriate for your wedding, your florist’s expertise should ensure a positive floral-shopping experience. 

The Impact They Make

Imagine your perfect wedding– one that your family, friends, and colleagues will remember forever. Your florals are sure to be the thing to make the most lasting impression. Those foreign to the area are sure to notice the tropical luxury that embodies our local botanicals. 

What They Bring to Your Photos

There is a reason I’m writing a blog about flowers. Great flowers can help make great photos. 

If you ever have questions about what flowers to pick or the style of bouquet to use let me or your wedding photographer know. Consider your wedding photographer the graphic designer of your wedding photos. We know what will bring out the colors of your eyes, dress, or accessories. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings– and this means I’ve seen a vast array of florals for all sorts of weddings. And I definitely have an opinion or two as to what will make for a stunning photographic display. So don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!

When In Hawaii…

And of course, the beautiful Hawaiian tradition of the lei exchange. I could really write a whole blog about this alone. When you exchange a lei with your spouse on your wedding day, you’re also expressing fullness, wholeness, and synergy.

In Hawaii, a lei is reserved for people of honor and Ali`i (royalty). A lei is a representation of the circle of life and given as a gift of your love. Simple perfection. 

Do you have a favorite wedding floral/lei scheme? Comment below! I’d love to know what flowers have inspired you/your wedding.

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