5 Tips To Make Your Kauai Wedding Or Elopement Even Better



May 18, 2020

5 Tips To Make Your Kauai Wedding Or Elopement Even Better

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer in Hawaii is how many intimate weddings and elopements I get to be a part of. There’s something so pure and magical about two people alone pledging to love each other forever. Gets me in the feels every time.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. This allows opportunities for breathtaking wedding photos. However, we can always do better! So I’ve put together five tips to make your small wedding or elopement more photogenic!

bride with flower crown hugging groom sitting in sand at beach wedding in Hawaii

Let The Natural Beauty Of Kauai Shine

The most important thing to consider is the time of day that you will have your ceremony. When it’s just a few of you (or maybe just you two) there’s less need to have your wedding at a certain time. I prefer sunset time and take into factor beach accessibility and sun direction when helping you decide your perfect location.

bride holding colorful bridal bouquet

Keep The Bouquet

Just because you’ve opted for an intimate ceremony, doesn’t mean you have to skip out on all the fancy things! Having something elegant to hold can lend to the formality of the day. I personally love fragrant bouquets to add another layer of sensory memory to the occasion. Consider bringing loose petals to throw, or having bubbles for after the ceremony. This will bring your photos to the next level. 

bride and groom on the beach with flower petals in the sand

Archways Are Beautiful, But Not Allowed At The Beach

I know that people come to Kauai specifically for beach weddings. But consider a private venue if you have your heart set on an archway. There are also rules against setting up chairs on the beach for beach weddings.

One of the best things about intimate weddings and elopements is that there are fewer people to accommodate, giving you more options for private venues. Many of my couples like to take their guests to a luau or rent a small room at a nice restaurant. The Hukilau Lanai is a favorite for its delicious food, privacy, and ambiance.

husband spinning bride at kauai beach wedding

Have Your Hair And Makeup Done Professionally

You might be having an intimate wedding because you didn’t want a big fuss, or maybe you’re trying to save a little money. But regardless of the reason, don’t skimp on hair and makeup! Your wedding photos are forever, and being professionally made up makes a huge difference. Being pampered is great for any reason, but especially on your wedding day.

If you’re more of mascara and a simple braid kind of bride I totally get that too! How about a nice ‘lomi lomi’ massage or a cute pedicure? A private yoga session and meditation can also be a beautiful way to start a big day like your wedding.

Whatever your form of self-care is, please make that a priority on your day so that you are feeling your best.

bride and groom on cliff over the ocean in Hawaii

Make It Your Own! 

That is the beauty of an elopement or a small wedding. It’s absolutely all about you! Be sure to incorporate the things you love into the celebration. This is once in a lifetime, make it count!

When you work with me I am going to be there to help you create the wedding day of your dreams. Think of this as your best date ever. What do you love to do the most? Do THAT!

Outdoor adventuring on cliffs and forest trails.

oh yeah,

Rum tasting and exploring botanical gardens.


Sunset and sushi on the beach, followed by dancing in the sand under the stars.


I am down to help make it happen for you!

At every turn, Kauai presents you with magical moments that are yours to embrace.

I will eagerly capture your day with the intention to tell your unique love story in a beautiful way. Contact me below for pricing and availability!

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