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June 12, 2020

Island Weddings & Blessings

Vendor Spotlight

I have been lucky to work with the talented family behind Island Weddings and Blessings for many years now. Michael, Fern, and Quinn are great at helping couples and I really appreciate how much they know about Kauai and their ever-present welcoming spirit. This is truly a family business and I feel blessed to be a part of their wedding Ohana!

The wedding industry has taken a huge hit due to travel restrictions during the Covid 19 pandemic. I want to share some of my favorite wedding vendors on Kauai as a way to uplift each other and show future couples that we are still here and excited for them to be married on our beautiful island.

Read on to see what Fern told me about their business…

What is special about Hawaii/Kauai to you?

Michael & I moved to Kauai in 1978 to start a business taking visitors on a boat trip down the NaPali Coast. At that time, we did not envision doing Weddings but we did see ourselves assisting people in living their dreams on this Tropical Island. ( I could go on with the story of getting married raising our children on Kauai etc.)

What services do you offer couples?

We offer complete Wedding planning and officiating services as well as providing Vow Renewals and other special Blessings such as Baby Blessings, Land & house Blessings.

What makes Island Weddings and Blessings different?  

Michael, Fern & Quinn are what set Island Weddings & Blessings apart from the other Wedding Planners. Not only are we the most experienced but we are genuinely concerned for our clients. The trusting relationships that we develop, helps us to produce successful events over and over through the many years that we have been offering our services.

Quinn, blowing the conch shell to signify the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

What do you like most about what you do?

We find great satisfaction in helping our clients to manifest their ideal wedding. Whether it is a simple beach ceremony or an elaborate Wedding with full reception.

How did you get your start in officiating weddings?

After moving to Kaua`i, friends and family from the mainland visited and were so taken with the beauty here. Many asked Michael to reinstate his Ministerial license and begin doing weddings. What began as a personal service for friends, has grown into a full on Wedding business with all the accompanying vendor services!

Michael, officiating a wedding at a Kauai waterfall.

Do I need a coordinator for my elopement?

We will make your Wedding experience easy and give you all the support you need. Knowing that you have friends on the Island who are waiting to greet you when you arrive is a huge benefit.

For Kauai destination weddings, what are the benefits to having a coordinator?

We know all of the “ins & outs” of getting married on Kaua`i. We assist our clients with every aspect of the wedding from completing the license application, ordering vendor services, choosing and securing the location, making the on Island license appointment and sending all directions. 

When they arrive, our couples can just “step into the plans” with little effort. Rules and regulations for Marriage vary from State to State & between Countries. We make sure that all is done properly and once the wedding is completed we file all of the necessary paperwork to assure that the marriage is legally recognized throughout the world.

What is your approach to officiating weddings?

We are here to be of service to our clients. We are working for our couples to fulfill their vision. Couples can customize all of our services from the ceremony text to all of the services offered. This personalized approach has been our trademark of success through the years.

What is your best piece of advice for couples that are planning a destination wedding?

There is a lot of information about Kaua’i online. Do research to learn as much as possible but then utilize our expertise to answer questions about the Island and about your Wedding plans.

How do you relieve stress for couples on the day of?

If you book your wedding with us at Island Weddings & Blessings, all of the arrangements will be fully made before you arrive on Island. Once you are here, we invite you to meet with us and to go over all the details again. Since we have developed so much trust during this process, our couples can feel confident and relaxed on the day of the wedding.

Are there any tips or suggestions that you offer couples who are thinking of Kauai for their wedding?

Fern with another happy family after their wedding ceremony.

We invite couples to call us for an in depth complimentary discussion about their vision for a Kauai Wedding.

Once we speak with you, we can make suggestions and share ideas about how we can make your dream Wedding a reality. We are available daily at (808) 828-1548.

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